Brine Shrimp Eggs


The secret to breeding tropical fish and gold fish...

Tropical fish and gold fish fry need good food to survive. If you are like me and have no problem breeding tropical fish and gold fish but just can’t get them to survive then I have the answer for you.

Young fry need food, just like any baby you need to feed them and feed them well.

Manny times I would have the water conditions right and my fish would breed. I would have thousands of baby fry. The feeling of excitement and achievement is fantastic you are on top of the world. Then you do everything you know how only to find the baby fry start to die. First one then two then soon enough they are all gone.

So back to the drawing board and you hope that the next spawn to be more successful.

Well the answer is simple feed your babies correctly and they will live.

Now obviously you need to ensure that the environmental conditions are correct. Your water quality has to be right, you also have to ensure that you filter is not sucking up and killing the fry and yes if the parent fish are going to eat the fry remove them. It is normally better to remove the parent fish as opposed to moving the fry as the fry may not take to the change in conditions as well as the more hardy parents. 

Normally if you have got to the place where the fish are successfully spawning and the fry are hatching you have the basics and environmental conditions under control. Besides the parent fish will normally not breed if they know there is no chance that the fry will live in the current conditions. Which means that the parents have judged the conditions and decided that the environment is good enough for the fry to live in.

Here is what I did to dramatically change the survival rate of my fry:
I started feeding the fry brine shrimp.

As soon as I started to feed the fry brine shrimp they started to live and I mean all of them. In some cases I had 100% survival rate. Now all of a sudden thousands of baby fish were living and I had a new problem; space. I needed enough space to keep all these baby fish and they were growing at an alarming rate. Every day they would look bigger that the day before. I was a successful fish breeder. 


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