Brine Shrimp Eggs


How to hatch brine shrimp for your fry to eat... 

Tropical fish or gold fish fry do not eat brine shrimp eggs so before you can feed your fry you need to hatch the brine shrimp.

There are many different ways to hatch brine shrimp. There are also many different kits and brine shrimp hatchery’s on the market and although some work better than others the important thing is they work. So if you have bought a hatchery I suggest that you follow the instructions supplied.

The brine shrimp hatching method I am going to explain is one that has work for me for many years and as far as I am concerned it is the best and most practical way to hatch brine shrimp in bulk for feeding fry. The first thing you need is a couple of large containers something that holds about 5 – 20 litres of water. These containers must have a large surface area. A normal bucket would not be suitable you need something that is shallow and flat so that you get a big surface area. I normally use a plastic or glass container.

Brine Shrimp Eggs are very tiny they would fall throught a pin hole.

Fill the container with fish tank water. Just scoop the water out of the tank and then replace the tank water. If you can’t use tank water then allow the water to stand for 24hrs. Dissolve 1.5 teaspoons of aquarium or sea salt per 500ml of water. Water temperature should be 24 – 29 Degrees Celsius (I normally just put the water in the room as it’s normally spring or summer and the temperature is above 21 the brine shrimp hatch). Then sprinkle the eggs over the surface of the water there is no need to mix them into the water just leave them on the surface. Allow between 20 to 50 hours for the brine shrimp to hatch. 

Baby brine shrimp are very tiny when they hatch

Once you see the tiny brine shrimp swimming around in the water, it’s time to harvest them and feed them to the fry. As brine shrimp are attracted to light this little trick can be used to catch them or at least concentrate them into a small area. Take a light and shine it into the water leave it for 10 – 15 minutes and you will see a small orange ball teaming with brine shrimp. Once the brine shrimp are concentrated into this small area where the light is shining get a piece of 5mm diameter aquarium hose and siphon them into a jug. Now all that is left to be done is to pour the water in the jug through a piece of stocking/nylon pantyhose or fine material (I have made a little net with a wire frame and a piece of stocking/nylon pantyhose) to filter the brine shrimp out of the water. Then dip the stocking/nylon pantyhose into your aquarium and shake the brine shrimp off for the fry to eat. You can normally harvest the container with the same batch of brine shrimp a few times before all the baby brine shrimp are finished.

By doing it this way you will limit the amount of egg shells and salt water that might normally be introduced into the tank. 


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